Randy Edwards

Randy Edwards

Randy Edwards, MBA, PAS

Start Date: July 2018
End Date: June 2020
Phone:  (209) 485-5474
Email:  rjedwards@ucdavis.edu
Position:  Feed Industry Fellowship July 2018 - June 2019

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BS, Dairy Science, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA 2016
MBA, concentration in management, American InterContinental University, Schaumburg, IL 2018
PAS, American Registery of Professional Animal Scientists, Champaign, IL 2019
MS, Animal Biology Graduate Group, concentration in Ruminant Nutrition, University of California, Davis 2020 (In Progress)

Research Interests

My primary research focus is in ruminant nutrition, specifically in commercial dairy cattle.  I am currently researching the impact of replacing canola meal with solvent extracted distillers grain with solubles as a protein source on milk yield and components in a commercial dairy herd.  Outside of evaluating the production impact of this replacement, I am also building an economic partial budget and sensitivity analysis model to monitor profitability.  After receiving my Masters of Science, here at the University of California, Davis, I will be working in the field as a Ruminant Nutrition Consultant.  My goal is to use my past experiences and education to facilitate evidence-based decision making on farm to promote healthier and more profitable dairy operations.