Academic Instruction

Andrew, Conor, Jasmine and Claire dpm studentsAcademic Instruction

Senior veterinary students, residents seeking expanded dairy production medicine experience, and high school students contemplating a career in veterinary medicine and related fields, benefit from our hands-on training in a clinical and lab setting to help them be more successful.

Our Dairy Production Medicine Program trains approximately 40 senior veterinary students per year. Students spend from two to eight weeks in structured training programs focusing on dairy cattle reproduction, milk quality and udder health, calf health, nutrition, and preventive medicine.

In addition to clinical training in dairy production medicine, our residency program provides candidates with quantitative skills that can be utilized in the interest of controlling and preventing economically important diseases and improving the efficiency of dairy cattle production. Currently, residents completing the program receive a residency certificate, earn the Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine (MPVM) degree, and will be qualified for employment in progressive dairy practices; academic positions in dairy herd health or reproduction, especially where epidemiology and/or preventive medicine is emphasized; in industry; and for leadership positions in public sector regulatory veterinary medicine.

The Milk Quality Laboratory High School Internship Program started in 1997. The program is designed to expose high school seniors, who are interested in biomedical, agricultural, and animal science fields, to medical microbiology and applied animal health diagnostics. Student interns work with diagnostic laboratory technicians and learn skills and laboratory techniques used in microbiology, food animal research and veterinary medicine.