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Dairy Nutrition and Metabolism Laboratory

Dairy Nutrition and Metabolism Laboratory


The Dairy Nutrition and Metabolism Laboratory is dedicated to conducting on-farm research to improve dairy cattle nutrition and production.  This lab also supports dairymen, nutritionists, and veterinarians in their endeavors by providing routine cow and feed monitoring services. Graduate students who are interested in joining this lab, please visit the UC Davis Animal Biology graduate program page.

Contact:  Heidi Rossow, email; office phone (559)688-1731 extension 230


Feed Industry Fellowship

The Feed Industry Fellowship’s goal is to train future leaders in dairy feeding systems, nutrient management, and food & feed safety for employment in the dairy and feed industry.  This internship will partner university educated interns with feed manufacturers, feed companies, and nutrition consultants to provide a well-rounded, and qualified workforce for the dairy and feed industries.  Two graduate students are accepted per year.  The program has a duration of 1 year, consisting of: a research project on a commercial dairy, internships with a feed company & nutrition consultant, and completion of a research paper on said project.  This year contributes to the completion of a Masters, PhD, and MPVM.  The Feed Industry Fellowship is funded by California Dairy Research Foundation (CDRF).