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California BRD scoring system (pdf)

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DESCRIPTION:  The California (CA) BRD scoring system is a calf-side system to identify pre-weaned dairy calves that score positive for pneumonia.

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The system’s strengths are that it is:

  • standardized (scores are proportional to clinical signs’ importance)
  • validated (known accuracy)


  • based on the normal/abnormal classification of nasal discharge, eye discharge, cough, breathing, fever and ear/head tilt.


The simplicity of the CA score makes it easily summarized such that a calf is score positive if it shows:

  • any three clinical signs,
  • or
  • any two clinical signs including nasal discharge,


  • the single clinical sign of ear/head tilt.


The UC Davis BRD scoring app packages:

  • the scoring system together with
  • a prevalence estimation tool guiding the user through scoring a random sample of calves in a calf herd.

The app is available in both iOS and android environments. Similarly, the Spanish version is accessible once the device language is switched, amongst other settings such as temperature units.