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An integral part of the VMTRC, the Milk Quality Laboratory performs microbiological testing in compliance with National Mastitis Council guidelines and the FDA principles of good laboratory practices.  It provides high quality laboratory services to dairy veterinarians, producers and other industry professionals in areas like milk culturing and bacterial identification. Through its high school internship program, the lab exposes high school seniors, who are interested in biomedical, agricultural, and animal science fields, to medical microbiology and applied animal health diagnostics. Student interns work with diagnostic laboratory technicians and learn skills and laboratory techniques used in microbiology, food animal research and veterinary medicine.

The center also hosts the Tulare branch of the California Animal Health and Food Safety (CAHFS) Laboratory System, which operates in partnership with the California Department of Food and Agriculture, veterinarians, and livestock and poultry producers.  A public service of the school, CAHFS provides the early warning system that helps protect the health of California’s livestock and poultry, and safeguards public health with rapid and reliable diagnoses for animal diseases. A new state-of-the art lab is currently being built adjacent to the VMTRC (on schedule to be completed June 2016) and will provide approximately 29,000 square feet of functional laboratory and administrative space for veterinary diagnostic testing.