Beakers Rumen


Beakers of rumen contents

Rossow lab works directly with California dairy producers to perform on farm research across the San Jouaquin Valley.  Current research applies a systems-based approach to explore interactions between nutrition, metabolism and disease and their effects on dairy production with specific emphasis’ on:

  • Feeding to optimize milk production and nutrient use
  • Assessing nutrient balance on a cow and pen level
  • Modeling bovine nutrient metabolism
  • Identifying risk of metabolic disease
  • Mitochondrial influence on cow production and survival


Feed Management Monitoring


In addition to research, we provide screening services for nutritionists, veterinarians, and dairymen with various forms of routine feed management and monitoring: 

  • Blood glucose & ketones: for identification and monitoring of sub & clinical ketosis
  • Urine pH and DCAD content of the TMR
  • Fecal monitoring
  • TMR sampling and uniformity