Liver Model Software

Liver Model Software


The Liver model is a computational model of ruminant liver metabolism.  Nutrient flows are based on substrate availability and enzyme pathway kinetics.  Differential equations represent metabolic processes.  The model has been used to help interpret data from radiolabel experiments, to predict tissue function and to illustrate metabolic interactions.  The model is from Freetley et al., 1993 and is for lactating dairy cows.

Figure 1. Results of a 90 minute simulation based on default initial concentrations.

Liver model


The original model reaches steady state in approximately 90 minutes.  This version has changed so that extracellular substrates do not reach steady state and will respond to changes in nutrient flow.  Unfortunately this also means the model can be unstable at times.  Directions for running simulations are included in the HELP menu.  Solutions can also be plotted vs. time.  Sample study questions (in MS Word format) are also included in the download section as SQ.doc.  Please allow the software to install to its default directory in the setup program.  You must download all of the following installation software files to the same directory in order to install the software.


You must be using Microsoft Windows '95 or later.  This program requires approximately 5 MB of hard disk space.  Please be sure to download all cab files and setup files to the same directory and let the installation program install the software to the default directory.

  1. Right click on the highlighted link. A menu appears.
  2. Choose the "Save As..." option. A dialog box appears.
  3. Navigate through your C: drive and save it onto your hard drive.
  4. Rename the setup.lst.doc to setup.lst
  5. Run the Setup.exe file. 
  6. After installation be sure to double click ASERV.exe in c:\Program_Files\liver to register the program before starting the program (1 time only)