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Caruthers High School, Vet Science Class Came to Visit!

Mar 9

6 March 2012, Tuesday, Teacher Matt Wenstrand brought his Caruthers High School, Veterinary Science Class to visit us.  The students peppered our vets, Dr. Aly and Dr. Moeller, and our lab presenters, Jen Crook and Kris Maloy, with questions.  Thank you for coming and keep up your studies.

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New Dairy Production Medicine Students

Mar 9

Amanda Wright, Christine Twisdale, Amanda Schmidt, Jessica Collier, Betsy Bamburger

On Monday, 5 March, 2012, five students joined us for a few weeks.  They are:  Christine Twisdale, Amanda Schmidt, Jessica Collier, and Betsy Bamburger, all from UC Davis;  Amanda Wright from Oaklahome State.  Welcome to the VMTRC.