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UC Davis, U Illinois, and Ross U represented in 5 new students

Apr 30

Erica, Dallas, Natalie, Allison, Jen

Five new Dairy Production Medicine students are here for a few weeks.  Jen Arnall is a return student from UC. Davis, Erika Wiemer, Dallas Duncan and Natalie Schramer are here from University of Illinois.  Here from Ross University in the Caribbean is Allison Pustelak.

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Nice Publicity for the The Dairy Heat Stress Road Show

Apr 30

The National DHIA magazine, DAIRYBUSINESS has an article on the Dairy Heat Stress Road Show.  Please follow this link to see their review.

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BSE Detected in the U.S.

Apr 25

USDA Chief Veterinary Officer, John Clifford, has confirmed that a routine surveillance sample obtained from the carcass of a dairy cow from California’s Central Valley was positive for the atypical strain of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE). Press releases and information about BSE can be found on USDA’s web site at or the CA Department of Food & Agriculture’s web site,

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Dairy Production Medicine Students from Illinois and UC Davis

Apr 10

Cassandra Peterson, Jessica McKinney, Jen Wilkins, Lauren Huggins, Betsy Bamburger

A hearty VMTRC welcome to 5 students here for this rotation:  Cassandra Peterson, Jessica McKinney, and Jen Wilkins from Illinois; Lauren Huggins and Betsy Bamburger from UC Davis.

The Dairy Heat Stress Road Show Comes to the VMTRC

Apr 10

The Dairy Heat Stress Road Show packed out the CEP

Heat stress is responsible for reducing milk production and large declines in pregnancy rates during hot summer months.  The Dairy Heat Stress Road Show brings together experts who helped participants to understand strategies available to combat the effects of heat stress and improve cow comfort.

This seminar was made possible by an Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Competitive Grant from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Hard copies of the proceedings, both in English and Spanish are available.  Contacts are:

-in Tulare, Noelia Noelia Silva-del-Rio, DVM, PhD UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Dairy Extension Specialist VMTRC, 18830 Rd. 112 Tulare, CA, 93274 559-688-1731 x 255

-in Hanford, Carol Collar, UCCE dairy advisor in Kings County,

Two talks are posted at:

Two will be broadcast live, April 9th and April 23th at: Later they will be archived on the above webpage.

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